New Deal: North Miami
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In the coming weeks we will present the opportunity to own equity interest in a Class A, ground-up multifamily property.

$104MM Total Capitalization
Multifamily Property Type
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Strong Market Fundamentals
Strong Market Fundamentals
Ground Up Strategy 402 Units ~40,000 sq. ft. Amenity Space
Area Transformation

Miami has seen strong population growth and its suburbs continue to experience a surge in development as residents expand their search for high-end apartments at more economical rents than available in Downtown Miami.

Well-Priced Living

The property is poised to attract luxury-minded renters who want high-end amenities at rents 20% –30% lower than at comparable properties in Downtown Miami.

Strong Employment

The Miami MSA is the gateway between the U.S. and Latin America and is home to various Fortune 500 companies. More than 1,400 multinational corporations have offices in the region and many are Latin American regional headquarters.

Responsible Real Estate Crowdfunding

We are the first Real Estate Institution to launch a Crowdfunding Platform, opening up our exclusive network to a new class of investors, having raised a total of $25 million of equity to invest in 2,500 apartment units to date. Our deals undergo a thorough vetting process in which we apply rigorous, institutional underwriting standards.

The ArborCrowd Advantage

As part of The Arbor Family of Companies, which includes publicly traded REIT Arbor Realty Trust and real estate private equity firm Arbor Management Acquisition Company, we have access to institutional quality opportunities from experienced sponsors.

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Southern States Multifamily Portfolio

Our first realized deal achieved an internal rate of return (IRR) of more than 29% for investors.

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